As most artists will tell you, they discovered their passion for art and drawing at a very young age and I am no different. My youth was spent taking private pastel lessons from my first mentor, Charlie, as my extra curricular activity for school. My spare time was spent pausing Disney VHS tapes to draw all my favourite characters and drawing wildlife animals from books. After graduating high school, I attended Del Mar collage in Texas and completed a two year Associates Degree in Studio Arts.

After finishing school, I began looking for my place in the art world to start my career. Slowly I realized that people don’t buy fine arts for their walls anymore, and discovered that instead, art was being bought for their bodies as tattoos! My friend gave me one of his tattoo magazines to look at and I was instantly hooked. I drew all the tattoos in that magazine and then continued to buy more tattoo magazines to draw everything that inspired me and began developing my portfolio for a tattoo apprenticeship.

In 2010 I began my tattoo apprenticeship under my mentor David Naughton aka “Psycho Dave” at Great Canadian Tattoo Company where I learned all the fundamentals for tattooing. My Tattoo education did not end after my apprenticeship; I continued to learn from all the amazing artists who I have been fortunate enough to work with over the years.

My art style is forever evolving as I am challenged by my clients who present their tattoo ideas and give me the creative freedom to design a custom tattoo that they can call their own. I believe that tattoos should be uniquely individual and a creative expression so if there is an opportunity to draw something “one of a kind” for a client then… Challenge Accepted!

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