My passion for art began at a very young age, while watching my older sister draw and paint. I loved watching her work with colour, watching the canvas come to life.

I remember being 11 years old when I saw my first tattoo, and that’s when my obsession with ink began. Although the seed was planted early, I didn’t decide to pursue a career in tattooing until 2009.

After spending 5 years in the corporate marketing world, I found myself missing something in my career.

It was while I was away on a backpacking trip that I realized life is too short to dislike your job. That is when I decided I needed a change.

Over the next little while, I spent countless hours getting tattooed—while I continued to create my art on the side. During this time, my love for tattooing only intensified. This is when I began asking around about a tattoo apprenticeship, and when I decided to dedicate my life to art and tattooing.

I have been very lucky to have several mentors over the years, who all helped me really develop my craft. I have always been more of a visual artist, so my style in tattooing often gravitates towards realism. I enjoy tattooing nature, flowers, animals, and anything organic or whimsical.

Coming from a background in painting, with a love of bright and bold colours, my style often has a painterly effect. Over the years I have developed an appreciation for the use of lines, and have recently enjoyed incorporating this into my style.

Nothing makes me feel more gratified than working with my clients to bring their ideas to life—on skin.

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