Jac ‘Blackbeard’ Wimalanath

Becoming an artist is a quest that never ends. Starting
from Level 5, watching my father paint at night after
coming home from work, I would plop right next to him
and watch him create wonderful works of art. Except
then, instead of drawing landscapes and portraits, I
would draw Power Rangers, robots and anime. 

Next, I leveled up and went to college for animation &
concept and broadened my horizons to include realism

I’m big geek, I love Star Wars, Dragon Ball, Naruto,
World of Warcraft, and Dungeons & Dragons! Also very
into the dark paranormal stuff like drawing monsters
and other-worldly creatures. 

I’m proud to be a Junior Artist at The Ace and Sword
Tattoo Parlour learning the ropes and tips from my
mentor and great friend, Psycho Dave.

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