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More than 3 decades ago, I was working a job in construction. While lugging drywall up and down stairs was paying the bills, it was less than creatively fulfilling. I had always been passionate about drawing, art, and tattoos, but these were simply pastimes at that point in my life. I knew that I didn’t want to do construction forever, so I finally made the decision to jump in and turn my art into my career.

I spent time studying, learning, and practicing—being taught by accomplished tattoo artists Crazy Ace and Bob Roberts. I was fortunate enough to learn and develop my craft with their help and guidance. As part of my learning, I studied other artists extensively while developing my own unique style. I drew a great deal of inspiration from artists such as Sailor Jerry, Don Hardy, and Bill Loika.

Throughout my 30 year journey, my artistic style has evolved. As with most artists, it takes years of practice to really develop a style and speciality. My favourite style is big, bold, and colourful tattoos. American traditional and Japanese design hold a great deal of influence over my tattoos. I really enjoy doing cover-ups—the opportunity to turn an old or embarrassing tattoo into something to show off is really fulfilling.

As the owner of the Ace and Sword Tattoo Parlour, I feel very fortunate to be doing what I love every day. Creating art and giving my clients something they will always have, is greatly gratifying.

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